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Yes, but the two are separate businesses licensed by the State of Pennsylvania.
SPITZ AUTO is a licensed car dealership. SPITZ AUTO PARTS is an auto and truck parts store.

Why do I need an appointment to come look at a vehicle?
We set appointments to better serve you. If you visit us during business hours, we may be able to serve you. However, we like to set -up an appointment when you have a specific vehicle you are interested in.

Do you still have this vehicle?
Our website www.spitzcars.com is up to date. We put on and take off vehicles daily. Check the site or call.

What is your method of payment?
We accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and wire transfer. Checks accepted from known customers.

Do you charge any document or administrative fees?
No, You only pay us for the vehicle.

Do I need insurance before I drive off the lot?
Yes, You will need to have insurance prior to driving the vehicle off the lot. PA Law requires insurance.

When do I get my plates, registration and title?
We can accompany you to a PA transfer agent or messenger service to handle all of your needs.

I bought a used car and now I've changed my mind. Can I return the car and get my money back?
Yes, but with certain limitations. Carefully read the 3 day money back guarantee.

Do you take trade-ins?
Yes, we accept all trades no matter the condition. To finalize the trade-in transaction, we will need the following: A.) Title of the vehicle B.) ID matching the name on the title.

How do you determine the value or trade-ins?
Our appraisers have years of experience buying and selling cars.

Do you ship out of state?
Yes, we can quote shipping anywhere in the US.

What is a ‘title' and why is it important?
A title is a certificate that shows ownership of a vehicle. It indicates that the person selling the vehicle is the lawful owner. You have the right to ask for and review the title.

What should I look for on the title?
You should check the mileage and any notations regarding reconstruction or flood, etc.

I was told that I will save money on sales tax if my sales contract shows less than I paid for the car. Is this legal?
No. This is not legal. You and the dealer could be subject to criminal charges and prosecution for making false statements on sales tax forms.

Will SPITZ AUTO sell my car on consignment?
No. While many dealers provide this service, we choose to not sell vehicles in this manner.

Do you offer a CarFax report?
Yes! Free CarFax reports available on every vehicle. Just say, "Show me the CarFax!"

Where do you get your used vehicles?
Our used cars and trucks come from customer trade-ins, lease-returns, private party cars for sale, and auctions.

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Frequently Asked Questions